Does Anyone Think The Math Book Issue In Florida Is Strange?

Someone wrote an opinion piece about it

Floyd Mori


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Math books are now being debated as “woke” items

How much so called propaganda (critical race theory, woke, or social emotional learning) can people put into math textbooks? How do they indoctrinate unsuspecting students to strange views? Do they use story problems with words to convey secret meanings into the subconscious minds of young people?

Fifty math books were rejected by the Florida Board of Education. Are that many people who wrote math textbooks trying to put damaging information in them to destroy young people? That does seem like a strange accusation for so many math books.

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In an Opinion piece by Rex Huppke, a USA Today columnist, he wrote in USA Today stating that he was “moving to Florida so Gov. Ron DeSantis can keep my kids safe from ‘woke’ math textbooks.”

Like most reasonable Americans, I’m considering moving to Florida to keep my children safe from math.

Ron DeSantis, governor of the Sunshine (unless it illuminates something we don’t want people to see) State, has taken a bold stand against fiendish liberal attempts to use math textbooks to transform young American students into woke and genderless soy children.

The Florida Department of Education rejected more than 50 math textbooks because they included nation-destroying concepts like “Critical Race Theory” and “Social Emotional Learning,” the department announced Friday. The department’s statement carried the headline: “Florida Rejects Publishers’ Attempts to Indoctrinate Students.”

How does a math book indoctrinate students about the Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning? I have not looked at a math book for years, but I know people who teach math. The math books could use story problems as they have done in the past. That seems to be the only way to indoctrinate students in a math textbook which is mostly full of numbers.

Huppke wrote in his article: “I don’t know what critical race theory or social…



Floyd Mori

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