When views differ, heated arguments may result

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The Capitol in Washington, D.C. is the seat of politics

Although the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. is the sight of many political battles and debates, there are political discussions or arguments happening throughout the country and probably the world. People have strong opinions about politics and usually are not hesitant to discuss their views. Local, city, and state politics are generally no different.

Just look at what happened when U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger dared to go against Donald Trump. His cousins made a very public statement condemning him…

If you are not seeing any success or even progress

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Some writers on Medium are publishing stories

about people quitting the Medium platform.

They say that readers are leaving Medium in droves.

Since there are millions of readers signed up to Medium,

maybe they are tired of seeing so many stories

which are about writing on Medium.

The writers on Medium are interested in what works

and what does not work to find success.

People are reading the stories from the top few

who are making thousands of dollars every month.

They are reading those stories about failures as well.

It is tempting to quit Medium if you are one…

There are many people who are happy, but many are sad.

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It’s easy to be happy when things are going well.

Life can go along without major problems for a while, but no one escapes this world of the living without suffering from some pain and problems. Even those who seem to have it all will encounter trials at some time. No one is immune from the hardships which can come at any time.

Some people seem to suffer more greatly than others. It may be a life of poverty and hardship which make life difficult. The loss of a job and the inability to pay the bills can cause big…

Or are you just reading about Medium?

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Reading on Medium could be like reading a book.

There are thousands of stories published on Medium every day. It would be impossible to read more than a small sampling of what is available to read. Every topic under the sun is covered by the many writers on Medium. They are all trying to share their expertise and knowledge. They may also be trying to find some success by earning a little money on Medium (or more than a little if they were being honest).

Some people say that they are writing for the pure pleasure of writing or that…

It has not left us yet

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There are precautions to take

When it first became known that the coronavirus was becoming a major problem, there were recommendations which were given to the general public. Sanitizing became an important issue. We were told to wash our hands regularly for twenty seconds each time. We were told to self isolate and avoid crowded places. It was recommended that you do not touch your hands to your face.

The Trumpers have tried to claim it as only theirs

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The flag is a symbol for the United States.

The United States flag has long been a sacred symbol of freedom and justice. It is flown proudly on most government buildings and schools. It is put out on homes by patriotic Americans during certain holidays and special occasions. These are people who are proud and happy to be Americans.

Wikipedia has this to say about the American flag:

The flag of the United States of America, often referred to as the American flag or the U.S. flag, is the national flag of the United States. It consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with…

The racism toward Asians has gotten worse since COVID

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Hate against Asians is happening

Americans of Asian backgrounds have likely experienced some forms of racism and hate during their lives. Although the racism may not have been blatant, it could have been micro-aggressions because they were perceived as being different.

Asian Americans whose families may have lived in the United States for several generations are often looked at as “perpetual foreigners” in the United States. Even if their American heritage goes back for six or seven generations, some mainstream white Americans do not consider Asian Americans as “real” Americans.

When Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress blamed China…

It’s kind of cute

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It is a well behaved kitten

Although dogs must be on a leash when they are walking outside in most areas of the United States and throughout the world, you seldom see a cat on a leash. Cats roam freely and are not required to be on a leash in most neighborhoods. It is an absolutely unusual sight to see a cat on a leash.

Cats are quiet animals which make good household pets. They are not much trouble to their owners, and they are cuddly and cute. They are much less trouble than dogs (according to cat owners anyway)…

Or do you think you are wasting your time?

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Of course, you HOPE you will win!

There are winners and there are losers in most types of competition in the world. Sporting events always have a winner and a loser unless it is determined to be a tie. Life is full of challenges and contests where people try to come out on top.

There are sweepstakes and lotteries throughout the world. The United States has lotteries in almost every state. They are very popular, and sometimes the winnings get up to many millions of dollars. Everyone wants a chance to win and win BIG if possible. So they buy…

He has tried to keep people safe from COVID-19

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Social distancing and wearing masks were recommended

Dr. Anthony Fauci has become a household name. Literally every adult person in the United States has likely heard of him. Although he has worked with the government and on infectious diseases for decades, his name was not well known to the general public until the coronavirus came on the scene. He had worked with other Presidents, but he became famous when he was working on President Trump’s COVID team.

Dr. Fauci always tried to get people to trust the science. He recommended social distancing, sanitizing, and the wearing of masks. He has…

Floyd Mori

Floyd Mori, born in Utah, is a former College Teacher, Mayor, CA State Assemblyman, Consultant, and CEO for Nonprofits. www.thejapaneseamericanstory.com.

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